Serverless Framework— Create Nodejs AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda (Generated from CloudFormation Designer)

Create project using node js template

serverless create — template aws-nodejs — path serverless-demo
serverless deploy

Serverless Logs

Serverless: Packaging service…
Serverless: Excluding development dependencies…
Serverless: Creating Stack…
Serverless: Checking Stack create progress…
Serverless: Stack create finished…
Serverless: Uploading CloudFormation file to S3…
Serverless: Uploading artifacts…
Serverless: Uploading service file to S3 (390 B)…
Serverless: Validating template…
Serverless: Updating Stack…
Serverless: Checking Stack update progress…
Serverless: Stack update finished…
Service Information
service: serverless-demo
stage: dev
region: us-east-1
stack: serverless-demo-dev
resources: 6
api keys:
hello: serverless-demo-dev-hello
  • AWS::Lambda::Function — serverless-demo-dev-hello
  • AWS::Lambda::Version — arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:AccountID:function:serverless-demo-dev-hello:1
  • AWS::Logs::LogGroup — /aws/lambda/serverless-demo-dev-hello
  • AWS::IAM::Role — IamRoleLambdaExecution
  • AWS::S3::Bucket — S3 Bucket for our package
  • AWS::S3::BucketPolicy — S3 Bucket Policy




Backend Engineer, Cloud Practitioner

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Pradheepa P

Pradheepa P

Backend Engineer, Cloud Practitioner

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